About the Alumni Association

The mission of the Mississippi State Alumni Association is to foster lifelong support for the
university’s mission through programs, activities, and events for its alumni, future alumni and friends who are forever maroon and white.

Alumni Data:
Total Living Alumni: 156,865
41.8% Female; 58.2% Male
Total Living Graduates: 135,103
Total Solicitable Alumni: 116,510
Total 2015 MSUAA Active Members: 44,872

Living Graduates by Decades
1920s: 66                             1930s: 340
1940s: 1,046                        1950s: 4,234
1960s: 8,951                        1970s: 20,263
1980s: 22,183                      1990s: 24,948
2000s: 30,269                      2010s: 22,803

Geographic Locations:
Alumni in Mississippi: 52% (69,008)
SEC Footprint (105,000+)

Top 10 Alumni Populations Outside MS:
Alabama - 7,596
Tennessee - 7,441
Texas - 6,596
Georgia - 4,307
Florida - 3,588
Louisiana - 3,110
California - 1,714
North Carolina - 1,617
Virginia - 1,526
Arkansas - 1,506

About Mississippi State Alumnus magazine

Circulation: Reaches our nearly 45,000 active Alumni Association members
Audience: Active alumni and supporters of Mississippi State University
Issue Publishing Dates: April, August, and December
Ad Confirmation Dates:  Oct. 21 (for April); Feb. 10 (for Aug.); and June 23 (for Dec.);
Artwork Due Date:  Feb. 15 (for April.); June 15 (for Aug.); and Oct. 15 (for Dec.)


Advertising Info:

All ads are printed in four-color. Ad rates are per single issue. Contact Leanna Smith for more details regarding rates.
Full-page, camera-ready
Half-page, camera-read
Quarter-page, camera-ready

Due to postal regulations governing the magazine’s mailing class, we cannot accept any ads promoting credit cards, travel packages or insurance.

Alumnus magazine is produced by the Office of Public Affairs at Mississippi State University.


To place an ad, contact Leanna Smith

Leanna Smith
P.O. Box AA
Mississippi State, MS 39762-5526
Phone:  662.325.3360
Fax:  662.325.8425


Additional information on specs, contact Heather Rowe

Heather Rowe
P.O. Box 5325
Mississippi State, MS 39762-5325
Phone: 662.325.3442
Fax: 662.325.7455