MSU Alumni Association Legacy Program continues to grow

The Mississippi State University Alumni Association is proud of the growth and success of its inaugural MSU Legacy Program. The free program, which started in 2017, is designed to help active Alumni Association members “wrap their kids and grandkids in Maroon and White” to instill an affinity to MSU from an early age.

The program is an opportunity for both alumni parents and grandparents to share their love of MSU with their legacies through a birthday gift mailed to the child each year, celebrating the MSU tradition of family. Upon enrollment in the program, children will receive a yearly birthday card and age-appropriate gift from the Alumni Association in the month of their birthday. For MSU alumni and active members of the Alumni Association, this is an opportunity to consistently share Mississippi State with their children or grandchildren and encourage them to become a part of the Bulldog family!

The MSU Legacy Program has grown from 750 participants in its first year, to over 1,950. Additionally, the program now offers annual birthday gifts for each active child, increasing from a gift mailed every other year.

“It is the spirit of family and connection that we want this program to foster in our alumni family,” said Jeff Davis, executive director for the Alumni Association.

The gifts begin at the age the child is first enrolled in the program, and all gifts bear official MSU insignias. The child will receive a birthday gift each year based on their age (see list to the right).

Along with connecting its enrollees to MSU as they grow older, the Legacy Program brings together a nationwide family of young Bulldogs connected by the love their parents and grandparents hold for MSU and wish to pass along to them.

Registration for the Legacy Program may be completed online at our website, Children may be enrolled at any age through age 17.